TEXA ADAS solution

Solutions for the calibration of video cameras (ADAS)

Amongst the many electronic systems vehicles are equipped with, increasing importance is given to the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as park assist, lane guidance and emergency braking assist.

With this in mind TEXA have developed the “Video Camera Calibration Kit” made up of several panels divided by make which, in combination with the diagnostic tool, allow a correct calibration of the sensors that are part of these systems.

NOTE: not all makes and/or models need an external device in order to complete the calibration procedure.



Thanks to its “modular” architecture, TEXA’s solution allows you to create the best combination of calibration panels based on your professional needs.

The software supplies instructions through embedded help files to ensure correct positioning of the panel and guides the technician step by step through all stages of the calibration process.

The help sheets are specific for each make/model are used for the setup of the panels (including the height of the panel, the distance from the vehicle, the alignment etc.). 
In order to provide the technician with the best support possible during the calibration, TEXA has also developed ADAS, a specific app that simplifies the selection of the correct vehicle and of the specific electronic system that must be calibrated, offering direct access to the functions:

You may activate these applications by simply accessing the TEXA APP virtual store.



The ADAS Kit is now available also for the TRUCK environment. TEXA’s solution provides precision and accuracy on driver assistance systems which includes:

- An optical control system (measuring crossbar and laser devices). This is necessary to ensure the correct alignment and calibration of the Radars manufactured by WABCO TRW and TRW / Knorr.

- Calibration panels available for various manufacturers for the calibration of the cameras.

IDC5 allows performing the calibration procedures and provides detailed instructions to complete all operations that require the use of the calibration bar or specific panels, through technical bulletins and diagnostic help that are specific for each make/model.

The TRUCK ADAS Kit also includes a set of laser measuring heads and the WABCO mirror adapter. The WABCO mirror is available as an optional.